Anna, an Atlantic 57 sailing catamaran

Designed by Chris White
    Chris is one of the preeminent multihull designers in the world.  See his website at www. for more information about the Atlantic 55/57 series of yachts,
    including schemata for the interior and the sail plan.
Built by Alwoplast
    Alwoplast is located in Valdivia, Chile, and is a world-class builder of fine multihulls.  See
    photos of Anna at their website at .
Kelly Wright is the owner/skipper of Anna.  He can be reached at .  Kelly has over 30,000 miles at sea on
yachts and is/was planning to circumnavigate the world with Anna.
Anna's voyages
Anna has so far crossed the Pacific, having left Chile after her launch in May 2009 and reached
New Zealand in November, a distance of about 8800 nm.  Interesting places she visited include
Isla Robinson Crusoe, Easter Island (Isla Pascua), Pitcairn, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Niue,
American Samoa, Samoa, and Fiji.  

Anna continued cruising in 2010 and faced many challenges.

See the travelogues in the bar to the left.  There are photos attached to the travelogues.  See also
the map of Anna's route so far, above.
s/y Anna
Last updated:  10 December 2010
Another cruising website from Kelly Wright, this one in the maritime provinces of
The crew on Anna, waiting for
food in an Italian restaurant in
Apia, Samoa:
Glen McConchi  (left)
John Charlton  (right)
Anna was LOST AT SEA
on August 1, 2010.  
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